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Ecoflo is one of London's leading providers of heating installations. We take great pride in our capacity to provide our customers with the best heating they can expect so that they can enjoy the comfort of their own home in all seasons. With years of experience to their name, our experts know every trick to the trade, which allows us to give you the best service you could possibly expect.

No matter how well you take care of your central heating systems, there may come a time that your radiator will stop providing you with optimal warmth. Cold spots are a common occurrence in radiators that have been functioning for a long time and can be particularly bothersome in the colder seasons. These are usually a result of sludge and scale building up over time. To make matters worse, this can increase the costs of power usage. What to do?

Ecoflo has the perfect solution for you: power flushing. The service uses top-of-the-line equipment that helps effectively get rid of any built up sludge in your radiators. Aside from completely removing any cold spots, this can help vastly extend your central heating's lifespan, silence boiler noises, as well as reduce CO2 demissions while increasing the thermal efficiency of your central heating system.

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We run a restaurant, so it’s not an understatement that our boiler is quite crucial to our business. But when it broke down, EcoFlo handled it so fast I didn’t even notice when it happened!


I never expected I’d have problems with my plumbing so quickly, but then it happened. Luckily, the EcoFlo team came over fast as lightning and made quick work of my problem!


As a commercial business, we needed someone reliable to handle all of our installations. I’m happy to say that the specialists at EcoFlo fulfilled all of our expectations.


When my boiler started leaking, I thought I was done for. I didn’t expect the guys from EcoFlo to show up so quickly and to handle the matter so effortlessly! Fantastic job!



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